G̱ilaka̱s’la. Nugwa’a̱m Pa̱l’nakwala.

Ga’u łin lax Walas Kwagiulth, laxa Tsa’xis, dlu wa Kwixwsutaineuk, laxa Gwayusda̱ms.

Neg̱eg̱a łin a̱ba̱mp. K̓ak̓asolas łin g̱ag̱as wiłe. Yakuglas łin g̱a’g̱emp wiłe.

Welcome. My name is Pa̱l’nakwala which means ‘great river of overflowing wealth’ in Kwak’wala, the language of the Kwakwa̱ka̱’wakw.

I am from the Walas Kwagiulth, ‘the first ones’ in our traditional potlatch ranking system, and from the village of Tsa’xis, or Fort Rupert (on Vancouver Island) Kwixwsutaineuk, Gwayusda̱ms or Guilford Island in the Johnstone strait.

Theresa Neel (Neg̱eg̱a) is my mother. Ellen Neel (K̓ak̓asolas) was my grandmother and Charlie James (Yakuglas) was my Great Great Grandfather.

My english name is Travis Neel and I am based in Vancouver, BC. I come from a family of artists and have been making art for the last 10 years. My most recent work is in sterling silver jewelry which you will find in the shop section of this website.